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Skull Tattoo Shop #1

Our oldest shop moved around 150m from its original location up the street. It is just a one minute walk away from Loh Dalum bay – the party beach. Brand new equipment in an amazing location.

If you come from the pier just walk past McDonald’s and Lucky13 towards Loh Dalum Beach and then turn right. Keep walking until you reach Slinky Beach Bar and then turn right again. Another 150m and you will find the brand new Skull Tattoo shop on your right-hand-side. ~ 15 minute walk

From the 7/11 in the center of town (next to Dojo Bar) you have to walk past Breakers Bar and turn left after Charlie’s Restaurant. You will find yourself on the beach street and the Skull Tattoo branch will be on your left-hand-side.

Skull Tattoo Shop #2

The new shop is conveniently located on the main road towards the viewpoint. Opposite of 7/11 and P.P. Casita Hotel it is in a more relaxed location than the original parlour.

From the pier you can just walk towards branch #1, turn left and follow the main road.

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