Bamboo Tattoo

Bamboo tattoos are also known as hand-poked tattoos. This technique origins in the Thai history when monks used long sticks with needles at their ends to manually ink the traditional sak yant tattoos.

Bamboo tattoos only take a few days, unlike machine tattoos, to heal – so you still can enjoy the sea and sun in Thailand. This is because the technique doesn’t damage the skin as much as machine tattoos which also means they are less painful.

Sak yant designs are very popular among Thai people and Muay Thai fighters because they stand for protection and good luck. Some of the more popular designs are the “Haw Thaw”, “Gao Yord” and “Paed Tidt”.

Bamboo tattoos aren’t restricted to just only traditional designs and even colour and shadings aren’t a problem. Our talented and experienced artists will advice you if your desired design can be done manually.

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