Our Team & Studio phi phi tattoo

Tattooing Team

Our team is like the community of art teachers because every single tattoo is created by the tattoo creaters which our team related to the studio like the big family. We live together over 15 years. We talk to each other by the understand which most tattoo creators are graduated from faculty of art, major in drawing and improve their skills to use tattoo stick instead of pencil and brush.

The Picture of our team and clients

(Figure) Every single picture that you have seen is the friendly atmosphere between clients and us because we always think that every single client is our friend. We enjoy talking and we are so proud to impress our clients on phi phi island by our tattoo.

the head quarter is skull tattoo studio in phi phi island.

Our tattoo studio is managed by Khun Bee, the owner. We tattoo the pattern of phi phi island, and open as a local business which we are the head quarter is skull tattoo studio in phi phi island. Owing to we have more than one studio, but we are the head quarter. If you want to get our service from our branch, you have to remember the mark of us. The most important thing, we have already marked the clear position on the map.

thank you

We have to say thank you to clients for trusting us to tattoo on your skin. Sometimes, you may think that our work is not as same as what you think which you hope this kind of thing would never happens.