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High quality of tattoo

absolutely, you need the gorgeous tattoo or the sexy one as your heart desire, so only the talented tattoo creater will deserve you.

Phi phi tattoo’s Portfolio

As you can see, (figure) this is our masterpiece under the theme phi phi tattoo in Island which is the most popular. The client would love to ask us for this kind of pattern. If you want it, too. It would be our pleasure.


Graphic Tattoo

At present, graphic tattoo is not as popular as the past compared among creature and staff patterns. If someone choose the graphic tattoo, mostly it will be the skull, flower, and 3D tattoo.

Nowadays, we have over 10 tattoo creaters under SKULL TATTOO brand for supporting the tattooing which is estimated that over 100,000 Baht or 5,000 US Dollar; for example, the whole body tattooing.

Which tattoo that fits you?

Which tattoo that fits you?

Absolutely if you are the girl, besides sexiness and beauty, you will think of scar ad cellulite as well. It can be replace by tattoo for boosting your appearance. If you are the guy, for sure, you will thing of the strong tattoo that fits your style. Anyway, if you cannot imagine of it, you can follow fashion trend. On phi phi island the most popular pattern is Thai pattern. It is known as Yan 5 Taw(5 rows of Yan). It is made of bamboo tattooing which is unique. If you want to get it faster, you can use the tattooing machine instead.

The targets of phi phi tattoo

The targets of phi phi tattoo For creating the perfect tattoo, for speading the news via friends, or for showing off your tattoo in public confidentially are our targets because we are the best tattoo shop of phi phi island in Thailand