Phiphi tattoo has over 2500 patterns to choose

2500 tattoo patterns of phiphi tattoo shop are always brand new created for answering to the art’s need in our heart. You can contact us to create the tattoo patterns for free.


 process of phiphi tattoo shop & About-Us

The first image of us to clients’ view is the over 20 years tattooing experience and enough team work that make the clients not to wait so long. Moreover, your team can create the new pattern and enhance your old tattoo perfectly. In terms of the shop’s atmosphere, we pay attention on hygiene for preventing the infection the most. We will not bring the same stuff  back to use again. This is our policy. Even it is the new one, we will apply the alcohol on it before using every time.

Phi phi tattoo

The process to take the service

You can contact us to take a service or notify us that you want to get a tattoo pattern. We will give you an advice how to come to our tattoo shop.