Talent and experience since 1999
Bamboo and machine tattoos +++ Piercings

Our team consists out of more than ten artists, each specialised in a diffent style of art. So we can cover every angle of tattoos and piercings to make sure you are satisfied with the results. We always use new needles and ink. No exceptions.

Machine Tattoo

In the modern world the most common way to get tattooed. We only use professional machines with sterile tattoo ink.

Bamboo Tattoo

Bamboo tattoos are also known as hand-poked tattoos. This technique origins in the Thai history when monks used long sticks with needles at their ends to manually ink the tradiontal sak yant tattoos. Bamboo tattoos only take a few days, unlinke machine tattoos, to heal - so you still can enjoy the sea and sun in Thailand.